Welcome to selling on Happinesz.com! This guide will walk you through setting up your shop and adding your first listings. For more details about getting started on Happinesz, check out this Help article.

Sign up to Sell

Start by clicking on the Register button link at the top right of the site. If you’ve already started setting up a shop in the past, click Login to continue.

Shop Preferences

You’ll be asked to select your shop’s language, country, and currency.

  • Shop language: The language you choose is the default language you use to describe your items. You won’t be able to change it later, but if you’d like to add translations in other languages, you will be able to enroll in other languages after opening your shop.
  • Shop country: Be sure to select the correct country for your shop. Some seller tools are only available in certain countries at this time.
  • Shop currency: Choose the currency you will use to price your listings. Currency conversion fees may apply if your bank’s currency is different from your shop currency. You’ll be able to change your currency, but only after you open your shop.

Choose Your Shop Name

Choose a memorable name that reflects your style. Shop names must meet the following requirements:

  • 4-20 characters in length
  • No spaces or special characters
  • No profanity
  • Not already in use by an existing Happinesz member
  • Does not infringe on another’s trademark

If you see a message that the name you want is already in use, keep in mind the name may not appear in Search. Searching on Happinesz isn’t an effective way to see if a name is free.

If the shop name you entered is in use, you will see suggestions for other shop names that are still available.

Your shop name will be held for you while you open your shop.

Stock Your Shop

Add your first items — you’re almost ready for your big shop debut!

How You’ll Get Paid

Select the payment methods you want to offer in your shop. Your options are:

Direct Checkout:

The main way to get paid on Happinesz! Offer your buyers the ability to pay via:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Happinesz gift cards
  • Apple Pay
  • iDEAL (buyers in the Netherlands)


Learn more about Happinesz’s Direct Checkout.

PayPal Without Direct Checkout:

If you’re in a country that is not eligible for Direct Checkout, you’re welcome to use your own PayPal account to accept payments.

Set Up Billing:

Depending on which country you’re in, you may need to enter a credit card to open your shop.

We ask sellers in certain countries to keep a credit card on file as a means of identity verification.

Your card information is secure with Happinesz, as we are not storing that information ourselves and you are welcome to pay your bill via PayPal if you’d prefer.

Note: If you’ve previously used your Happinesz account to buy on Happinesz, you may see the credit card(s) you’ve used pre-populated. You may select from an existing card, or add a new card.

Members in some countries can open a shop with a PayPal account. If you can do this, you’ll see a Authorize PayPal Account button.

Learn about Happinesz’s selling fees


You can also use Stripe to get paid for what you sold. You have to get yourself a Stripe account HERE. Happinesz.com is fully set up for using Stripe

Open Your Shop

When you finish all the sections and enter in your billing information, click Open Your Shop on the bottom of the last section. You’ll still be able to edit your shop after it’s open.

Congratulations! Your shop is now open! 

The web address to get to your shop will be: https://store.happinesz.com/shop/yourshopname



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