With many items for sale, you’re bound to find something you really love.

If you’re just browsing, try the categories at the top of the site or the category pictures on the front page. You can also search for shops and brands in the menu.

Before You Buy Create an account (it’s free) 

Just choose a username (You won’t be able to change this.), password, email address, and add your full name (optional). It’s quick and free. Click Register at the top right of the site.

Contact the Seller

Have a question about an item or order? Use the Chat at the right bottom of the window. They can help you with questions like:

  • Do you have this in another size or color?
  • Can you ship this faster?
  • When can I expect my order?
  • What will be the shipping costs for this antique desk or piece of art?


On a listing, click Shipping & Policies. Here you’ll see the shipping rates. Each seller decides how they ship. Otherwise it is shown when you are in the Shopping Card. Also it is possible with bulky items that Shipping Costs have yet to be determined.

Ready to Check Out?

Some listings have a Buy it now button for the fastest way to purchase.

Otherwise, click Add to cart and either Keep shopping to go back to the shop or Proceed to checkout.

If you decide to save an item for later, click Save for later. This will move the item to the saved for later section of your cart.

Payment Methods

It’s up to each seller what payment methods they accept, so this can vary.

You may be able to pay with:

  • PayPal



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