A seller may have more than one shop on Happinesz Shop. We understand that there are many reasons why you want to create more than one brand, market to different audiences, or cater to different buyer needs. For example, rather than combining artisanally made furniture  with your handmade jewelry, it may make more sense for you to have two separate shops with different marketing strategies. Or, you may have two clothing shops — one for women and one for men.

But you must know that duplicate shops are strictly prohibited, as you can read in our Seller Policy. Duplicate shops list the same or nearly indistinguishable types of items in more than one shop, often using the same or nearly indistinguishable photographs, descriptions, pricing, and branding (including cover photo or banner, Shop Icon, About section, and shop policies).

Duplicate shops create confusion for our buyers and duplicate shops mix up search results, which can create an unfair advantage over other sellers and an unfavorable experience for buyers. That is why you may not have duplicate shops on Happinesz Shop. In addition, you may not open a new shop if your previous shop or shops have been closed because they were in violation of our Terms & Conditions.

Also, remember to publish the names of all of your shops in your Public Profile and follow our Seller Policy on how to maintain a transparent shop for each account you have on Happinesz Shop.




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